Which type of snorer are you?

The BBC reports today that three quarters of Britons snore. The study, commissioned by Travelodge, found that Coventry is snoring capital of the nation, closely followed by Sheffield, Glasgow and Plymouth.

Snorers reported feeling less ‘sexy’ in the bedroom, relationship problems and general embarrassment because of their snoring.

You can read the full news article here.

But before you go, I’d like to ask: Which type of snorer are you?

  • The Snorter: Distinguished by a rapid blowing of air through the nostrils and mouth, similar to the sound of a horse snorting.
  • The Snorchestra: Typified by long, low snores that gradually build into a deafening crescendo.
  • The McEnroe: Distinguished by violent grunting sounds, similar to the noise made by tennis stars when competing.
  • The Walrus: Typified by continuous groaning noises when sleeping.
  • The Old Banger: Sounds like a broken car with a spluttering engine.