New Snoring Solution: Computerized Pillow

What happens when a computer science professor from Germany gets fed up with his own snoring? He puts his skills to good use and invents a computer controlled pillow which can help prevent snoring.

At a health conference in Germany, self-proclaimed snorer Daryoush Bazargani demonstrated his prototype.

He said: “The pillow is attached to a computer, which is the size of a book, rests on a bedside table, and analyses snoring noises.”

“The computer then reduces or enlarges air compartments within the pillow to facilitate nasal airflow to minimise snoring as the user shifts during sleep.”

Computerized Pillow

He told Fibre2Fashion: “Optimal breathing position is the best position with the least snoring noise or help completely stopping snoring.

With the automatic computer-controlled air pockets the head gets positioned in such a way that the airway stays open as much as possible to reduce the chance of snoring. The principle is fairly straight-forward. If the computer hears noise, it adjusts the pillow so the head tilts. If no snoring noises get recorded anymore, the head is in the best possible position. When you move around and start snoring again, the computer will adjust the pillow again.

Pillow with air compartments

This air pocket concept makes the pillow look similar to an actual CPAP machine. An air pump connects to the pillow via a tube. Perhaps the two can one day be integrated, if this variable pillow invention by Bazargani proves to be beneficial to sleep apnoea sufferers too.

In North America alone, people spend over $2.5 billion a year on sleeping aids so Professor Bazargani could be in for a winner with this innovative pillow, if clinical data support his claims. To take his pillow invention from prototype to the retail shelves, he is looking for investors for his project. This seems to have good potential, despite being based on thin air!