How important is it to use only distilled water in the humidification systems water chamber?

If you have recently purchased a humidifier for your CPAP machine, then you might be wondering why it is advisable to use distilled water to fill up the water chamber of your humidification system and if standard tap water could be a substitute.

Unfortunately, standard tap water is not ideal for your humidifier. This is because tap water can leave hard white mineral deposits in the chamber as the water evaporates, or potentially lead to mold growth.

It is therefore very important that you try to use distilled or deionized water every time you fill up your humidifier water chamber. If distilled water is not easily accessible to you, then you can opt for bottled water instead.

Can I use boiled tap water or filtered water instead?

Boiling water generally kills microbes, but it will not remove minerals or chemical contaminants. Filtered water may remove some of the minerals, but may not remove living organisms or other chemicals. It is therefore advisable that you opt for distilled water, as this will maximize the life of the water tub and reduce mineral deposits.

Cleaning the water chamber:

It is important that you keep your water chamber as clean as possible to avoid any deposits building up, so it is recommended that you clean the chamber on a daily basis, making sure that the water in the chamber is emptied fully every morning.

If you wake up to find that you haven’t used all of the water in the chamber the night before, it is important that you don’t reuse this water and empty it out of the tank, for new water to be added the following night.

Tips for cleaning the water chamber in your humidification system:

To ensure that your water chamber lasts for as long as possible and remains hygienic to use, it is vital that you clean the water chamber daily. You can do this by washing it with warm water and a mild detergent.

Once a month, it is advised that you take a look at your water chamber to check for deterioration, cloudiness, a build-up of hard white mineral deposits or mold. If you find that you can’t clean these deposits off of the inside of the water chamber, then it is advisable that you consider purchasing a new water tank. These can normally be purchased separately via

To ensure that your water chamber is thoroughly clean, you might want to check if your water chamber model is dishwasher safe for a deep cleanse once a week. If it is not, then it is advised you disinfect the humidifier by soaking it in a solution of vinegar and water, 1/5 of the solution being vinegar and the rest water. Leave it to soak in the solution for up to 30 minutes, then thoroughly rinse it with water and leave it to dry, out of the way of direct sunlight.

Things to avoid cleaning your CPAP humidification system water chamber with:

It is important that you don’t clean your CPAP humidification system water chamber with any substances that would be harmful to breathe. This includes bleach, chlorine, alcohol and other potentially harmful substances to breathe.

My CPAP mask leaks! How can I prevent this from happening?

CPAP therapy can take a while to adjust to at the best of situations, especially if you have only recently been diagnosed with sleep apnea. So when you experience the discomfort of your mask leaking, this can cause quite the concern and leave you feeling distressed.

This week’s blog is aimed at providing you with the most useful tips to prevent mask leaks from happening in the future.

So what causes air leaks?

Air leaks can be caused by masks that are too large for the individual, too worn out or old, or simply the wrong style providing the wrong fit.

I suffer from air leaking into my eyes. Why would this be?

If you suffer from air leaking into your eyes, you should be concerned that you have an incorrect size of mask for your face shape. This is a strong indication that your mask is too big (long or wide). Leaks may also occur under the nose due to facial hair.

I’ve had my mask for a long period of time, but never had this problem before. Why am I now experiencing mask leaks?

When the silicone in the mask ages, it deteriorates and becomes too soft to hold a seal. However, for many masks, it is possible to replace just the cushion to extend the life of your mask. You will be able to find a replacement cushion via: . If you click on the link, you will be able to find your mask manufacturer and then model type. On your specific mask parts page, you should find the cushion parts to purchase separately, if available for your mask.

When the cushion of your mask has softened to the point of where it will no longer hold a seal, you may be able to tighten it enough to stop the leaking when you go to sleep, but during the night, it is very likely that the seal will loosen and leak again. This then means that you are not receiving the benefits of using a CPAP machine as the treatment becomes ineffective.

Is there anything I could buy to prevent my mask from leaking?

If you are experiencing discomfort, red marks or air leaks with your CPAP mask, then it is very recommended to try RemZzzs mask liners. RemZzzs mask liners consist of a soft cotton fabric liner that creates a barrier, absorbs skin oils and reduces air leaks as well as preventing skin irritation and pressure masks. If you would like to know more about the benefits of using RemZzzs liners, then take a look at our last blog post-

If you would like to trial a sample pack of 6, then you can order them online at:

Could moving in my sleep cause air leaks?

Mask leaks can be caused by a change in position during the night, especially if your pillow is pushing against your mask and changing the position and seal of your mask. There are CPAP pillows which have been crafted and designed specially so that you have minimal contact between your mask and pillow, even if you are sleeping on your side. You can purchase a CPAP pillow at:

Alternatively, if the CPAP pillow or the RemZzzs mask liners do not do the trick, then you might want to consider purchasing a new mask. A full range of masks can be found at-

How to improve comfort with your CPAP mask?

If you are a CPAP user, you may have found your perfect mask first time, but for others, they may go through many masks before finding the perfect fit. If you are experiencing discomfort, red marks or air leaks with your CPAP mask, it might be worth investing in some monthly CPAP mask liners or trialling a 6 pack for a lower cost, rather than just rushing to buy another mask without trying to first enhance the comfort of your existing mask.

The RemZzzs CPAP mask liners are available for Philips Respironics, ResMed, Fisher & Paykel, Hans Rudolph, Weinmann and Sleepnet.

They solve many of the most common problems related to wearing a CPAP mask all night. The design crafts a barrier between your sensitive facial skin and your cushion mask. On top of them solving the most common problems of a CPAP mask, they are also very comfortable to use.

RemZzzs have many advantages. These include:

  • Greatly reducing or eliminating air leaks
  • Virtually abolish the unnecessary noise of escaping air
  • They are great if you have very sensitive skin as they prevent skin irritations, spots and pressure marks
  • They help absorb facial moisture and oils, so essentially, they don’t break down the mask
  • They assist in holding your mask in the correct and most comfortable position
  • You are able to continue using your night-time facial skincare products
  • They ensure a comfortable, full night of sleep
  • The naturally absorbent fibres of each liner act as a barrier between you and mask, keeping oil and moisture away from the gel ring material. By protecting the mask, in result, you spend less time cleaning the mask, and spend more time enjoying all of its benefits

With RemZzzs, you will experience a more comfortable, full night of sleep, enabling your mask to do its job and provide you with the correct amount of air pressure, without experiencing discomfort. Research suggests that CPAP therapy can make a life or death difference for those who have been diagnosed so it is more or less essential that your mask fits you correctly.

Want to know how to reply the RemZzzs to your mask? Have a look at our step by step guide below: