New implant to ease the symptoms of Sleep Apnea

It is all over the Internet today in CPAP news that there might just be a new way of easing the symptoms of Sleep Apnea, for those with severe OSA and who have had little success with other treatment options. Researchers have developed a new implant pacemaker device. The pacemaker contains a tiny generator and … More

It’s time to make greater awareness of sleeping disorders in the workplace!

Research suggests that Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) affects about 10% of the driving population, but is more so common in those who drive for a living. Shockingly, awareness of the condition remains minimal among many firms which rely on commercial drivers. It has been revealed that 8 out of 10 commercial driving businesses, that run … More

Suffering from sinus problems with your CPAP? Read this!

If you regularly suffer from sinus problems and nasal congestion, then you might find sticking to your CPAP routine a bit tougher to deal with if you aren’t relieving these symptoms with treatment. Did you know that over 30% of sleep apnea patients suffer from sinus problems? Almost 75% of regular sinus pain sufferers experience … More

My CPAP mask leaks! How can I prevent this from happening?

CPAP therapy can take a while to adjust to at the best of situations, especially if you have only recently been diagnosed with sleep apnea. So when you experience the discomfort of your mask leaking, this can cause quite the concern and leave you feeling distressed. This week’s blog is aimed at providing you with … More

How to improve comfort with your CPAP mask?

If you are a CPAP user, you may have found your perfect mask first time, but for others, they may go through many masks before finding the perfect fit. If you are experiencing discomfort, red marks or air leaks with your CPAP mask, it might be worth investing in some monthly CPAP mask liners or … More